Photography by Daniel Heinley

We build community.

We facilitate creative events.

We inspire connections.

We do this through Art, Rhythm & Meditation


Our Mission

The Creative Rhythms Team inspires connection, growth and progress through creative community events. Through art, rhythm and meditation programs, our facilitators create safe space designed as an innovative approach to restoring community and a sense of belonging.

We do this by…

Creating experiences and spaces that invite people to gather, connect and inspire. Our programs are designed to remind us that creativity plays a big role in our lives and how that discovery inspires us to live on purpose, be courageous and express ourselves through the art of letting go. In the studio and in every event we lead, there is an opportunity to be present, let go of the outcome and simply enjoy whatever unfolds.

What We've Achieved

  • Two decades serving our communities.

  • Designed and launched creative programs.

  • Training a team of facilitators

  • Expanded into dozens of organizations

  • Hosted statewide events

  • Branched into a network of art centers

  • Collaborations with schools, hospitals, community centers and businesses.

  • Building bridges from healthcare to community